For the kick-off of the new Formula 1 season we had to make people aware that F1 was also part of the sport-package at Telenet’s sports channel, next to golf and soccer.

We had to show the added value of their F1 channel, containing 5 different camera angles!

  • Live
  • Cockpit
  • Car tracker
  • Pitlane
  • Statistics


Thanks to Sporting Telenet you will experience F1 like you are in the middle of the action. So we decided to transform the Total petrol station on the E17 to Antwerp into a real-life pit stop and give drivers this unique experience by letting them drive through a pitlane where they could get their cars/tires checked by pro’s.

LIVE national radio spots addressed all drivers on Belgian highways to enter Telenet’s pitstop for a free checkup of their car in true Formula 1 style!

In just 20 seconds, professional F1 mechanics assessed their tire pressure and tread wear and correctly tightened their wheel lug nuts.


  • The stunt got major coverage in several publications: HLN, De Morgen, F1 journal, on social media and radio.