Améline by Mayerline opts for style with These Days

by These Days

Mayerline is a household name in the Belgian fashion landscape. This spring they are launching a brand new line: Améline by Mayerline. A collection designed with the refined, experienced yet guileless woman in mind. That is why they wanted to launch Améline in a manner as stylish as the collection itself. To deliver on that promise, Mayerline teamed up with These Days.

We created a whole new brand story that introduces us to the world of the Améline woman. We started with designing the focal point of the launch campaign: www.améline.be. One look at the one-page website is enough to know what motivates the Améline woman. A short version of the same eye-catching mood film is also screened in the sales outlets.

In addition to the standard ads in leading fashion magazines (Knack Weekend, Le Vif/L’Express, Marie Claire, Feeling, Gael), These Days also created a unique collaboration between Améline and Feeling. The magazine interviewed four ambitious women who paint an accurate picture of what a real-life Améline woman looks like.

Embedded on the Facebook page of parent company Mayerline, the Améline campaign is also boosted via social media. And finally, we also supplied the support materials for the press event.