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Nokia has been including navigation on their phones for quite a while, but it wasn't voice guided, just the maps and graphic directions. So when Nokia launched free voice guided navigation in the Netherlands we needed to make sure people understood their phone could become a full blown sat nav alternative, including voice guidance.


  1. The navigation voice is the most distinctive part of a navigation system, you probably hear the voice of your sat nav more than the voice of your partner.
  2. The Netherlands adore talent shows. They have the international formats like Idols or X-Factor, but also organise several big local talent shows.


We organised our own talent show to select the one and only official Nokia navigation voice for the Netherlands. The aim: giving one dutchman or woman a potential audience of 13.000.000 satnav users in the Netherlands. We had a jury, held auditions (on-line with a karaoke style drive where you could record your voice commands and off-line with an audition car that drive around in the Netherlands) and showed video's of auditions that did not make the cut. People could enter and get votes within their social networks. 4 finalists were chosen. The finale was held in a sound studio where the finalist faced a series of voice tests


  1. You can now download the voice of Ruben Dingemans on your Nokia smartphone in the Netherlands.
  2. + 5 minutes on site
  3. + 200.000 movie views
  4. + 3.000.000 PR contacts