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Remark #1: original site in Dutch. Translated subtitles and website copy for judging purposes only.
Remark #2: original site contains 24 different tracks including popular local bands and tracks.


In 2009 Nokia launched Comes With Music in the Netherlands. When you buy a Nokia phone you can download free music for a whole year from the Nokia Music Store. But a lot of consumers are not sure about the quality of the music because they don’t know the Nokia Music Store. For the offer to work , it is imperative customers know they will get the music they want: good popular everyday charts music, classic tracks and so on.


To explain in a playful way the NMS offers the good stuff, we created the Music Meister. Two kids hop around the city and you have to guess what Music Store tracks they hear as quickly as possible.

Then you can challenge a friend and decide who is the Music Meister. Average time on site was +13 minutes.

Nokia Music Meister on Hyves

As this is a battle, we launched it as a social media entertainment application on Hyves is the Dutch alternative to Facebook. Players challenged their connected friends (similar to Facebook applications). The site was also accessible via, and

Click here to see the Music Meister in English (for practical reasons implemented on
Click here if you'd like to see the Music Meister on Hyves (in Dutch – including the possibility to invite connected friends when you finished playing)
Username: musicmeister
Password: music

For your convenience we added screenshots.