Background & Challenge

Feve, the European Glass Federation, wants to promote glass packaging as the right choice. To tackle this hard challenge, we reach out to motivated volunteers and ask them to help spread the message. Slowly, but gradually we are building a movement, called Friends of Glass.
Our challenge was to promote, and to ask people to choose glass whenever they can.


Only glass is a 100% recyclable, compared to plastic which is only recyclable for 75%.


To prove our point we introduced Hank The Singing Bottle, who created a video clip in which he reincarnates time after time in other shapes and forms and claims back the famous line 'I'll be back' from another known star. Hank also wrote letters to promote his cause. The letters were e-mailed and sent by post. Much to our surprise we also received answers.


Thanks to our Friends of Glass who helped spread the message, Hanks song has been watched over 540.000 times on the website and on different video platforms.

Case movie

Hanks letters

Hank letters are no longer on-line. Here you see screenshots of them.